awan Kelvin-Helmholtz

Awan yang sangat jarang dilihat melainkan anda pernah tinggal di planet Zuhal dan di korona matahari!

Kenapa ianya dikongsi di sini? kerana ini blog personal, aku rasa tidak ramai yang berminat mahu ambil tahu pasal ni melainkan admin sendiri. Haha kan? :>

This type of cloud structures is truly spectacular and ephemeral. They resemble crests of waves in the sea, and their formation is conditioned by the friction between different air masses rub together. This contact may occur either because the masses are going in different directions either because one moves faster than the others. As the waves reach the coast, the crest breaks and spills over the top.

Well, these clouds are common in middle and upper atmosphere, and if you look online, you can see their shape features in many images. Cirrus clouds are called K-H. What I had not seen so far is this type of cloud to ground level, on land and in the cloud. The fog or haze could consider Kevin-Helmholtz. And this is what happened a few days ago in Birmingham, Alabama.

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